"I was dead and become alive because of God’s great mercy."

Passion Manila 2014

His grace is enough.

Surviving law school is a constant battle for me but He who is in me is greater. I believe that my choices are not mistakes but a declaration of faith that though I have little strength to face it, His grace is sufficient for me.

Through Him, I will make it. :)

"And all your rejoicing in all things should therefore be a rejoicing in the cross where all your blessings were purchased for you at the cost of death of the Son of God, Jesus Christ." J.Piper

Sunset @ Taal Lake :)

Bidding goodbye to Taal Lake.

dancing without feet :)

Wednesday driving and I can’t help but be amazed on display of God’s majestic work. Literally, skyway. :)

Hope anchored on heaven.
Finals mode. Let’s keep moving. :)

Stillness and the speed of light.
From the busy street of Manila.

Anonymous asked: Favorite photography blogs on tumblr? :-)

http://backpackerchronicles.tumblr.com/ - superb photos and friendly too! :)

http://ohninesevennine.tumblr.com/ - creative photos plus great writing skills

http://j-yphoto.tumblr.com/ - interesting and unique subjects :)

I only know some cause I just recently got into the world of photography enthusiasts here on tumblr. Give me yours also. :)

Are we there yet?

Because I always wait for summer like i wait for my birthday. :)

Deep within me is a child like this whenever in waving waters. :)

Sunset taken at Puerto Galera

Summer and more sunsets :)