"Keep your relationship with God new and fresh."
Lessons from 1 Samuel 4


Imperfectly perfect 

The truth is, we are loved though we cannot give back. That is, love without condition. The kind of love that we all need and have even from the beginning. Even we are not capable of loving truly and faithfully, we are loved and will always be loved by the Lord.

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Marine Base: Boracay from the South

Can you guess where is this taken from?

This white sand beach is not so far from Manila. Nearly two hour drive from Coastal Road via Cavitex is Cavite de Boracay (formerly Katungkulan Beach Resort), located inside the Gregorio Lim Marine Base, which from the name itself is known for powdery fine gray shaded sand that looks like white sand of Boracay under sunlight especially in photos.

Cavite de Boracay’s coast

Cavite de Boracay is more of a place where to sit, relax and enjoy the beach because the resort has no other amenities like other beach resort but you can bring Frisbee, guitar and other materials that you can make use of while staying there. They are not strict when it comes to materials and baggage that visitors bring in. The only thing they are strict about is taking pictures inside because visitors are only allowed to take photos around the seashore, other than that, it is not be allowed.

It was December 2013 when I first got there and we were so blessed cause we were the only person who came to visit the place and it is as if we own the whole beach. I was in awe to see how beautiful the place is, the shore is clean and the water as well.

You can see how clear the water is in this picture but never mind the girl standing there (that’s me. haha)

But when we get back to the place this summer, I was surprised to see that the resort is a little crowded but we still managed to find a place where we pitched in our tents without any additional fee and we just rented a small table and two chairs for our food.

Setting up our tent

A close up of our tent and you can see from there how fine and white-ish the sand is.

Tips and precautions:

  • Bring your own tent instead of renting nipa huts.
  • It is best to enjoy the place when you go there before summer season or during Christmas breaks because there is a big chance that you will own the whole cove for a day. 
  • They also have available grilling areas so you don’t have to bring your own
  • They don’t have good comfort rooms. L But if you are not so vain, it’s fine naman except that their shower cubicles don’t have doors! So bring friends to cover you when having shower.
  • Having private vehicles when getting there is very much advisable cause from the entrance of the base, the shore is still about 4KM. Also, have a good driver for safe driving because of zigzag and steep roads. But you can get there by Ternate bus and rent a jeep that will take you there.


This is how zigzag the roads are and if you are lucky, you may encounter some monkeys around

  • Lastly, check out first their schedule cause sometimes, they close the resort for Marines training. But in our first and second visit we didn’t text them cause it’s most of the times open. Just to be sure here are some of the contact numbers they have – 09167336307 and 09054613766.


Entrance Fee : P100.00 per head/ P200.00 for overnight stay

Private Vehicle : P1,000.00 - P800.00 gasoline depending on your car (for our Ford fiesta P800.00 gas back and forth is enough)

Parking : P50.00 flat rate

Table and 2 chairs : P250.00

Tent Pitching : FREE!

Private room : P750.00 to 1,500 depending on the room.

Nipa Huts : P350.00

Stories of a Law Student

This semester marks my fourth year in law school, though not technically because I am still on my third year status but let me look back and share some of my most remarkable experiences that literally broke my heart but did not let me give up.

  • My nerve-racking professor asked me to recite for more than 20 times the definition of “Opinio juris” just because I didn’t memorize the exact wordings written on the book but swear, I gave almost the same definition repeatedly.

On my 10th repetition of the definition, she asked my classmate to recite it and my classmate did well. I thought, I will not be called again but to my surprise, I was called! I can’t focus anymore cause I can’t figure out what was wrong on my definition and she just stopped only after my more than 20th repetition.

Sweet revenge #1: I got 1.25 grade at the end of the sem because I memorized each and every definition in the book verbatim! Haha

  • “You will not pass my subject by reading only case digests.”

Out of the 36 cases assigned, only one case was discussed and lucky enough, I was called to recite about it for more than one hour. It was all about the detailed facts of the case that I cannot anymore recall because I read full text of the 36 cases and the prof judged me that I only read the case digest. Whaaaat?! Twas unfair :(

But lesson learned: Do a research first on how the professor conducts classes cause you might not have to read the entire assignment and instead focus on the first part only for mastery purposes. 

  • “I keep telling your CivPro (a pre-requisite subject) professor not to pass students until they are prepared enough”

It was the first remark from my prof after calling me for recitation and it is as if I didn’t deserve to pass CivPro and be in his subject just because I was not able to answer his review question regarding CivPro. 

Acquittal (haha I love to use that word): I studied hard to prove that it is not only by luck that I passed CivPro (of course it’s by God’s grace). Surprisingly after the sem, my professor volunteered to by my adviser in law school! I was so blessed enough cause he saw potential in me and that he wants to train me.

I know that there will be a lot more of trials but God’s grace is really sufficient for me to survive law school. Many times I cried and promised myself to give it up but the passion in me is sooo strong. 

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

Psalm 73:26

Ibibigay ng Lord ang lahat ng mabuting bagay sayo pero hindi lahat ng gusto mo, kasi may mga gusto tayo na hindi mabuti para saatin.

Ptra. Siony

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Sunset taken at Taal Lake, Philippines.


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