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Stories of a Law Student

This semester marks my fourth year in law school, though not technically because I am still on my third year status but let me look back and share some of my most remarkable experiences that literally broke my heart but did not let me give up.

  • My nerve-racking professor asked me to recite for more than 20 times the definition of “Opinio juris” just because I didn’t memorize the exact wordings written on the book but swear, I gave almost the same definition repeatedly.

On my 10th repetition of the definition, she asked my classmate to recite it and my classmate did well. I thought, I will not be called again but to my surprise, I was called! I can’t focus anymore cause I can’t figure out what was wrong on my definition and she just stopped only after my more than 20th repetition.

Sweet revenge #1: I got 1.25 grade at the end of the sem because I memorized each and every definition in the book verbatim! Haha

  • “You will not pass my subject by reading only case digests.”

Out of the 36 cases assigned, only one case was discussed and lucky enough, I was called to recite about it for more than one hour. It was all about the detailed facts of the case that I cannot anymore recall because I read full text of the 36 cases and the prof judged me that I only read the case digest. Whaaaat?! Twas unfair :(

But lesson learned: Do a research first on how the professor conducts classes cause you might not have to read the entire assignment and instead focus on the first part only for mastery purposes. 

  • “I keep telling your CivPro (a pre-requisite subject) professor not to pass students until they are prepared enough”

It was the first remark from my prof after calling me for recitation and it is as if I didn’t deserve to pass CivPro and be in his subject just because I was not able to answer his review question regarding CivPro. 

Acquittal (haha I love to use that word): I studied hard to prove that it is not only by luck that I passed CivPro (of course it’s by God’s grace). Surprisingly after the sem, my professor volunteered to by my adviser in law school! I was so blessed enough cause he saw potential in me and that he wants to train me.

I know that there will be a lot more of trials but God’s grace is really sufficient for me to survive law school. Many times I cried and promised myself to give it up but the passion in me is sooo strong. 

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

Psalm 73:26

Ibibigay ng Lord ang lahat ng mabuting bagay sayo pero hindi lahat ng gusto mo, kasi may mga gusto tayo na hindi mabuti para saatin.

Ptra. Siony

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Sunset taken at Taal Lake, Philippines.


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"Faith Statement"

What’s yours? :)

Bookmarks from the first accredited Christian Org in Law School - CODAL, inspiring one another. :)

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Anonymous asked: where are you studying law?

Hi there! :) I’m taking up Law @ PUP Manila.

May hope always find its way to you.

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Surfing 101 for a first timer surfer and a fearful non-swimmer like me.

This local instructor is the man! :) Kuya (too bad I forgot to ask his name) showed a lot of encouragement and patience for me during the lesson and actual surf which made it easier and more comfortable for me to try and try until I made my first stand on the waves.

The crushing waves on my face, tiring paddling and numerous falling are all worth it when I finally made it. That temporary rush and momentary victory above the waves made me realized that it’s good to loosen up a little sometimes. Had I feared drowning or that the board may hit me, I may forever be dreaming how it feels to dance with water.

Mission accomplished. Fear of falling/failing conquered. :)

(@ The Park Pacific Recreation Camp where the waves are good for surfing, water is shallow for non-swimmer who wants to try surfing and most specially, where locals particularly the instrustors are so accomodating and nice to surfers)